The Box in The Cuts: Surviving Hillside Book 1

the box in the cuts
Following the clues is as deadly as ignoring them.

“It grabbed hold and kept me turning the pages until I finished.”
– Goodreads review

Samantha Reyes finally gets up the nerve to ask what’s on her mind: is spontaneous human combustion behind the shocking deaths of teenage girls in her small town of Hillside? After the school newspaper editor blurts out the question at a news conference, she follows a trail of hot clues ignored by police.

But she can’t work fast enough. Another girl burns to death, and now a shadowy figure is stalking her best friend.

All roads lead to a creepy old mansion with a dark past. Samantha suspects something sinister still haunts its creaky halls, looking. Looking for more victims. To solve it, she and her friends must summon a long-forgotten phantom, catch it on video, and send it back to wherever it came from.

“I totally devoured this….the Box in the Cuts was a total page-turner for me.”
“Once I started this book, I could not put it down.”
“The characters are so lifelike and realistic, and I felt like I was right there with them.”
“Samantha was believable, relatable, and reliable.”
– Goodreads reviews

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The Fault in The Cuts: Surviving Hillside Book 2

the fault in the cuts
Seven teenagers. An 8.1 earthquake. One angry witch.

Earthquake swarms and strange visions—everyone in the small Northern California town of Hillside is on edge. After the shocking events of last fall, Samantha Reyes just wants to finish her senior year in peace. But that’s not happening. Not with the return of an evil ghost, a massive earthquake that isolates her devastated hometown, and a torrential rainstorm that hits at the worst possible time.

Alone without their parents, Sam and her friends must pull together to survive the quake and figure out how to banish the reawakened witch once and for all.

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The Cave in The Cuts: Surviving Hillside Book 3

The Cave in Then Cuts cover
Surviving ‘til graduation just got scary.

The week between the last day of class and high school graduation just took a shocking turn for Samantha Reyes. Her great-aunt from Mexico shows up and makes a startling announcement: It’s time for Samantha to learn the long-forgotten history of the Reyes family in Hillside, and what it means to be the direct descendant of a Mexican witch, a bruja.

But Nilda’s appearance in town stirs up old supernatural forces. If Samantha wants to stay alive long enough to graduate, it’s going to take more than a crash course in the old ways of magic to rein in the reawakened spirit.

Her journey takes her to the deepest part of The Cuts, the woods she hoped to avoid. And this time, Samantha will be tested as never before.