When a massive storm surge hits the central coast of California, the ferocious surf destroys buildings, floods streets, and washes up something sinister from the depths of the Monterey Bay.

Peter, a retired state lifeguard, knows the water better than anyone. Carla, owner of a beach-side restaurant, is still mourning the loss of her son in a boating accident. While both love their quaint small town with spectacular views, their personal lives are as complicated as the changing weather forecasts.

After a mysterious creature in the water kills two men, Peter and Carla are plunged into a living nightmare as a massive tidal surge traps them and their friends in a battered, unstable building.

While the storm rages through the night, they discover something horrifying swims between them and escape, just waiting to attack anyone within reach.

They need to make life or death decisions to survive.

But first, they need to make it to morning.

Read A Dark and Rising Tide, part of Debra Castaneda’s Dark Earth Rising series of standalone novels. Read the books in any order. The audiobook is available from Audible and iTunes.