Monsters of Chavez Ravine Cover
An International Latino Book Awards Finalist!
The City Wants Them Gone.
The Demons Want Them Dead.

Before Dodger Stadium, dark forces terrorized the residents of Chavez Ravine.

An urban fantasy novella, available now on

Paperback and Kindle formats available HERE.

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The Root Witch by Debra Castaneda
An Urban Legend Caught on Tape.

It’s 1986. A mysterious figure is caught on tape in an ancient clone forest, and a news crew is missing.

“Thanks, now I’m scared of trees.”
“Creepy forests, missing people and reminiscent of the Blair witch. I give this five stars.”
-Amazon Reader Reviews

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the box in the cuts
Following the clues is as deadly as ignoring them.

Teenage girls are dying in Hillside, and school newspaper editor Samantha Reyes must follow clues that dead-end at a creepy old mansion with a dark past.

“It grabbed hold and kept me turning the pages until I finished.”
“I totally devoured this….the Box in the Cuts was a total page-turner for me.”
– Goodreads reviews

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the fault in the cuts
Seven teenagers. An 8.1 earthquake. One angry ghost

Samantha Reyes just wants to finish her senior year in peace. But that’s not happening. Not with the return of an evil ghost, a massive earthquake that isolates her devastated hometown, and a torrential rainstorm that hits at the worst possible time.

Get the second book in the “Surviving Hillside” series in paperback or on Kindle HERE!

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The Chavez Ravine Series

A collection of short stories set in the working-class neighborhoods where Dodger Stadium sits today.
bride of bishop

The Bride of Bishop

Tito is new to Chavez Ravine, a close-knit community in the hills above downtown Los Angeles. There he meets and marries a beautiful young woman. But all is not right. His new bride will not step foot out of the neighborhood, not for a single moment, not for any reason. Until there is no choice. A dark story set in a real place that eventually became the home of The Los Angeles Dodgers. Read now.

the emissary

The Emissary

When the city of Los Angeles begins pushing people out of their homes in Chavez Ravine, Henry Loya must decide whether to stay and fight or move on to a new life somewhere else. But then early one evening, Henry discovers there is something more powerful than City Hall.

And much stranger. Read now.

About Debra Castaneda

Debra Castaneda grew up in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California as an only child. Finding adult conversation boring, she found companionship in books. She wrote her first murder mystery in the fifth grade and turned it in as a homework assignment.

After college, she became a journalist working in television, radio, and online. Her work has been featured on Marketplace, This American Life, and National Public Radio (one story took her behind bars at San Quentin Prison to cover a baseball game). Most recently, she worked as a TV news director on the Central Coast of California.

Now, she devotes herself full-time to sitting in a windowless office and writing stories of supernatural suspense.

For much of her professional life, she has worked under her married name, Debra Monroe, but she writes fiction under her family name of Castaneda.

For inspiration, Debra draws from her experience as a journalist, as a third-generation Mexican American, and as someone who has lived in various parts of the country, including Dallas, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Portland, and the San Francisco Bay area.

Debra lives in Capitola, California with her husband. She enjoys rediscovering the Mexican dishes of her childhood and texting her two daughters ibpa logoabout her latest binge-watch.