Okay, as an indie author I knew to pick two categories for my book published on Amazon. I did not know it was possible to choose more specific subcategories.

To this, I credit a chapter in, “How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon,” by Penny Sensevieri. She calls them, “enhanced” categories that can help trigger the mega site’s complicated algorithm in your favor.

The first big part of the lesson?

“Amazon is divided into two websites: the main book site and the Kindle store. If you’re only doing category research on the main book site, you may be missing out on some great possibilities,” according to Sensevieri.

Wait. Was I supposed to do category research? Yes. And it’s the perfect time to find out as I plan on publishing a new book on Kindle in early 2021. It’s also not too late to add these so-called enhanced categories to my YA supernatural mystery, “The Box in The Cuts.”

Sensevieri says it’s now possible to have ten subcategories, but I could find nothing on the Kindle site that either confirms or explains this. Which is why reading a few good how-to-guides on Kindle is a must.

As this author points out, Amazon is changing stuff all the time. So, when I tried to follow the instructions on how to request those enhanced or subcategories, the process was not exactly the same, so I am going to save you time and tell you how. Please note that I’m writing this mid-December 2020, so things may have changed by the time you read this.

Once you’ve decided on your additional categories on the Kindle side of Amazon:

·        Log into your Author Central portal

·        Click HELP

·        Click CONTACT US on the lower right column

·        Click on AMAZON BOOK PAGE


·        Click on E-mail

Fill in the information that will help the customer service representative identify your book.

Here’s the example format the rep provided, which I followed.

Books > Arts & Photography > Buildings > Residential.


I’m happy to report Amazon’s Author Central Customer Service Rep responded within 24-hours, letting me know they had processed my request.

For reference, this is what my list looked like for my YA supernatural mystery:


Teen & Young Adult>Literature & Fiction>Action & Adventure>Mystery & Adventure

Teen & Young Adult>Literature & Fiction>Social & Family Issues>Family

Teen & Young Adult>Literature & Fiction>Social & Family Issues>Friendship

Teen & Young Adult>Literature & Fiction>Social Issues>Self-Esteem & Reliance

Teen & Young Adult>Horror

Teen & Young Adult>Paranormal & Urban Fantasy


Teen & Young Adult>Horror

Teen & Young Adult>Horror>Ghost Stories

Teen & Young Adult>Mysteries & Thrillers>Fantasy & Supernatural

Teen & Young Adult>Mysteries & Thrillers>Thrillers & Suspense

Teen & Young Adult>Mysteries & Thrillers>Detectives

Teen & Young Adult>Social Issues>Emotions & Feelings

Teen & Young Adult>Social Issues>Family

Teen & Young Adult>Social Issues>Friendship

Teen & Young Adult>Self Esteem

Off to do some fiction writing!

If you have questions, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.