A Book Review Without Stars

Starting out as an independent author publishing her own books, I quickly came to realize how important reviews are to attracting more readers.

One learns fast. MUST. GET. REVIEWS.

If a potential reader happens upon your book and sees it has no ratings […]

GUEST POST: How to Write Book Reviews by Nina Romano

As a new indie author, I’m acutely aware of the importance of book reviews. They help convince readers to read the story and, more generally, help promote the book.

But here’s the thing. There are lots of people like me who read and love lots of books, yet rarely leave a […]

GUEST POST: How to Garner Book Reviews by Nina Romano

If you are a writer wondering how to get reviews, author Nina Romano demystifies the process in this guest post. (Scroll down for her bio).

For published or unpublished authors it can really be a challenge to obtain book reviews—you know those darling little things with stars and someone’s […]

Those Perplexing Amazon Subcategories

Okay, as an indie author I knew to pick two categories for my book published on Amazon. I did not know it was possible to choose more specific subcategories.

To this, I credit a chapter in, “How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon,” by Penny […]

Choosing a book cover for a self-published book

I am spectacularly bad at this.

First off, I think too literally. Like, my story has a feisty young woman, so we should see her on the cover! Or the novel is set in a dusty, rural area seventy years ago, so maybe a sepia tone might help […]

Deciding to Self-Publish

Epiphany. Simply putting up a novel on Kindle—one that I slaved over—will not cut it. It will not magically get attention or sell.

It’s time to get serious.

By this, I mean really and truly investing. This means doing more research than I thought necessary to launch a book […]

Writing a YA novel with historical subplot

While plotting out my YA supernatural mystery Box in The Cuts, I immediately ran into a challenge. How to tell the backstory of the creepy old mansion at the center of the novel. And then I remembered the convention Bram Stoker used in Dracula. A combination of short diary […]

Writing about narcissistic parents

A long time ago, I had a blog about dealing with narcissistic parents. I had no idea so many people experienced the same thing I did.

My self-absorbed mother became increasingly controlling when I entered my teen years. A psychiatrist diagnosed my father with full-blown narcissistic personality disorder. Both parents suffered […]

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