Here’s a first look at the summary of my upcoming new book release, The Spore Queen. It’s my first venture into fungal and psychological horror and the sixth novel in the Dark Earth Rising series. The standalone books can be read in any order. 

The Spore Queen publishes on April 25th, 2024. The Kindle pre-order will be available on Amazon one week before. I’m aiming to have the paperbacks available for purchase around April 23rd.

Reporter Maria Hart ventures into the depths of Nils Forest chasing a news story about a violent storm, but she never returns. Within months, four other people will also disappear in the woods.
Tech mogul David Eager lives at the forest’s edge. He is haunted by Maria’s disappearance, and something more. Fungus is common in the foggy woodland, but now it’s behaving in unnatural ways, creeping onto his property and into his dreams.
Maria’s friend, Amy Matthews, hears strange rumors about Nils Forest and, motivated by a dark secret, decides to investigate for herself. It’s no easy task. The terrain is notoriously rugged. But Amy is cunning and determined to find her former roommate, dead or alive.
Amy’s not alone. Maria’s mother, desperate for answers about her daughter, joins the search.
Together, they journey into the heart of Nils Forest where they make a chilling discovery—there’s a new fungus in these woods, and it has transformative powers. As they push deeper into the trees, they uncover a terrifying, mind-bending force. Her name is The Spore Queen.