It turns out, there is life after Halloween for The Root Witch!

Several wonderful things happened for my eco-horror novel set in a spooky aspen forest in Utah.

Book Riot included it in a list of plant-based horror titles.

Which was so amazing! I didn’t pitch it, so I was surprised and delighted to see it on the list. In fact, I happened to stumble upon it online. If you are an indie author like me, there’s a lesson there. Set up a Google Alert so you’ll know if your book shows up somewhere. There are lots of new-to-me titles in the Book Riot article which I’m excited to explore, and I’m flattered my novel was showcased along with authors I greatly admire.

Clarification: The Root Witch is now a full-length novel. The link to the book in the story is to the correct version.

Horror Aficionados, the Goodreads book group dedicated to horror books, chose The Root Witch as one of its November reads.

Again, I have no clue how that miracle happened, but it did and I’m honored and grateful. There’s a place where readers discuss the book, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to read what’s being said. That’s for readers, and not the author.

However, my husband did take a look and reported there was a lively conversation about the forest ranger, Knox and his wife Colleen, a science fiction author. Mostly, about their marriage. It seems there were strong feelings about the compatibility of the couple. I must admit that made me happy because that’s what I was trying to get at. That it’s possible to be in love with someone where one aspect of the relationship is OFF and it makes living together a certain kind of hell.

I suspect the group is behind the boost in Kindle Unlimited page reads in November. So if you happen to be a member of that group, an enormous thank you!